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Name:Digital Satellite Signal Meter/Finder(FST 3000)

Product Features£º

  • Show signal strength and quality readings
  • Show channel pictures
  • Show Both S/N and C/N
  • Signal lock lights and audo tone alarm
  • 3.5 inch TFT LCD Screen
  • Diseqc and 22 Khz control 
  • Indicator lights for 13/18V and 22 Khz
  • Calculates Azimuth and Elevation
  • USB port for software upgrade 
  • Show Spectrum analysing chart

Technical Specification
 System Capabilities  Full DVB Compliant  Yes
 LNB / Tuner Input Connector F  F Type
   Frequency range  950MHz-2150MHz
   Signal lever   - 65dBm~-45dBm
   LNB Power supply  13/18V, < 450mA
   LNB switch control  22KHz
   DiSEqC  Ver 1.0
 System Resource  Processor  32 bit processor (200 MHz)
   Flash  2 M byte
   SDRAM  16 M byte
 Demodulator  Front end  QPSK
   Symbol rate  2Mbps~45Mbps
   Spectral inversion  Auto conversion
 Video decoder  MPEG 2  Main Proflie@Main Level
   Resolution  720*576,720*480
   Video format  PAL/NTSC/SECAM
   Sampling rates  32,44.1 and 48KHz
 Serial data interface  Connector  RS232
 Power supply  Li-oN Battery  1800 mA
   Supply voltage  12.6 Volt
   Charger 110-240V 
 LNB Connection  Connector  F type, male
 Dimension  W x H x D   mm  100 x 150 x 50
 Weight  Kg  0.52

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