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Name:VR BOX 2 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses FOR 3.5-6inch Phones

Key Features:

  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Lens: HD Optical Resin Lens
  • Lens Diameter: 42mm, 
  • Focal length: 70-75mm
  • FOV: 70 degree
  • Adjustable range: 65-75mm
  • Interpupillary Distance: 58mm -72mm
  • Support System IOS &Android&Windows etc 
  • Mobile phone suitable size: 3.5-6inch 
  • Size: 20*11*13cm
  • Net weight: 550g
  • Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth 3.0 compiant
  • Support System: Android/IOS/PC
  • Support Game: Android/PC (gamepad)NES/GB/SMDSX/GBC/N64/MAME; Android APK Game; Apple/IOS:Icade Game
  • CPU: ARM968E-S Core
  • Wireless distance: 2-8m
  • Compatible system: Android / IOS (ios system only can Adjust the phone volume and take photo)
  • Battery: 2pcs 7th batteries of R03 1.5v (battery not included)
  • Working Current: 0.5-8mA
  • Standby time: 0.5-1mA
  • Shutdown Current: 0
  • Continuous Game Time: about 40-120 hours
  • 3D virtual reality glasses can be used together with a mobile phone
  • Can play games, take photo, control music or video.

Bluetooth Remote Controller Using operation Notice!

  • 1, Music Mode Video Mode: 1) @+A is for Music Mode, the volume is controlled with the rocker in standard mode, A for pause or play; C/D for volume. 2) Some brands of mobile phones support vedio playing in music mode, A for play, pause and touch & hold for fast forward.
  • 2, Game Mode: @+B is for landscape gamepad game mode, the direction is controlled by the rocker, D for shooting, A for talking off, it depends on keyboard set of different brands of mobile phone.
  • 3, VR Mode Self-timer Mode, Video Mode:1) @+C switches to VR Mode, when playing game, the direction is controlled by rocker, the front side key for shooting and talking off. 2)@+C switches to self-timer Mode, some brands of mobile phone possibly do not support self-timer, mouse mode self-timer is advised to be switched by @+D. 3) @+C switches to Video mode when the rocker control fast-forward-backward, some brands of mobile phone possibly do not support volume control.
  • 4, Mouse Mode, Self-timer Mode: 1) @+D switches to mouse mode when the rocker controls mouse, C/D for volume and A/B for confirm and quit. 2) when some brands of mobile phone are not to be used under the self-timer and C/B for the volume up and down, A for mute.
  • 5, Apple IOS System: It need to switch the side key to IOS direction to realize mobile connection due to the unopened IOS system, the C key is for self-timer and C/B for the Volume up and down, A for mute.
  • Features:
  • 1, Friendly use: easy operating just to open the back cover to in put the battery and enjoy the item.
  • 2, Fashion design: Good looking design.
  • 3, High quality: Made of high quality PC cover material and Rubber key.
  • 4, Wireless Bluetooth Remote control: compatible with Bluetooth 3.0.
  • 5, Easy storage: when you do not use the item, need to take off the battery for better maintain, keep it far from fire and water.

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